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  1. Hello, is it possible to have it black like others? See photo https://www.dropbox.com/s/m38rw1wzd0q1tfk/Screenshot_2015-02-18-08-36-21.png?dl=0 Thanks
  2. Hello! as i read in the information of bluetooth I have to keep ON the stock lockscreen android to let pass trought bluetooth the song info. but i have also selected the loscksreen of Poweramp as default. sometimes Poweramp one is ok but sometimes android locksreen appear instead of the other one. is there a way to have ALWAYS Poweramp lockscreen (leaving android lockscreen on)? thanks
  3. Hi to all! i am using Poweramp via bluetooth with my car stereo sony. all ok but the sound don't convince me. in Poweramp with my in ear sennheizer i usually use "full bass and treble" and i love it. (some times I adjust bass regulation with the big "weel" in settings) The radio has got a 7 equ lines band 1 63 hz band 2 160 hz band 3 400 hz band4 1 khz band 5 2.5 khz band 6 6.3 khz band 7 16 khz and i can't find a way to make the radio sound good. some times has too much loud and some times too much bass at high volume and seems like everything explode. i try also the "xplod" preset equ but it's not good. how can i set every band (from -6 to +6 is the value each) to have a good sound leaving full bass and treble in Poweramp??? i have another bluetooth radio with only 3 regulation bass/middle/treble and it's really simple to have good sound in that car: i usually put 2 points for bass 4 points for middle and 6 point for high and works fine!!! do you think i have to turn off the equ in Poweramp? I am really confused! thanks!!! really thanks!!
  4. HI to all! i love Poweramp! i would like to know if there is the option to listen to shuffle mp3 in a folder. pressing one time on the shuffle button make me able to listen to ALL the song shuffled. but if i want to shuffle only a folder i have created inside my s2...is possible? just another question: when i try to lauch a mp3 from the internal explorer of s2, Poweramp starts (as i flag the default mp3 player) but the song starts than immediately put in pause. then i have to press play again and some times it turn in pause again.... why??? thanks!! M.
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