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  1. I use PA in my phones and in my car. In the car there is landscape mode only and when browsing through the files its a pain that on top of each menu there soooo much unused (or even senselessly used) sceen area) For example: Tap on Playlists while being in landscape. You see that the top HALF of screen is schowing no relevant content and you ll always have to scroll to see some lists (espiacialy when the info bar is enabled). I would suggest to put the back button, the header and the Play-options in ONE single TOP line to make space for relevant content. Or is there an option to do so already? Kind regards
  2. I m a fan since many years now. When using Poweramp on a tablet and view the playlists it is a shame how much space is empty. It would be better to be able to chance it to a pattern view (2collumn or 3collumn) via list options like it is already there in the folder section. It would be espacially helpfull while using it in the car because the scrolling through the lists is very distractring. Thanks for considering it!
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