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  1. Using Poweramp alpha3 build-703 and there`s a problem. Rescan entry in Settings/Folders and Library acts as Full rescan entry. I play all my music files randomly (the setting is "shuffle all files"), they`re in one folder on my SD-card. If I add or delete something from my music folder, I always press rescan in Settings/Folders and Library menu (autoscan is off for energy saving). In GP version rescan results in adding some new files to playback list, e.g., I `ve been listening the 124th track of 345 in general, the widget confirms it, it says 124/345. I add 5 new files and press Rescan - in GP version I see 124/350 and the player shuffles everything except the previously played, but in 703 build I`ll see 1/350 instead and I will listen all of previously listened tracks again. This must happen when you press Full rescan, not Rescan - it`s some kind of bug, I suppose. Max, please fix it. Thank you. Phone data: VERSION.RELEASE: 6.0 BRAND: ulefone DEVICE: Vienna MANUFACTURER: ulefone MODEL: Vienna OS.VERSION: 3.18.19 BOOTLOADER: unknown HARDWARE: mt6735 FINGERPRINT: alps/full_wtk6753_65u_m0/wtk6753_65u_m0:6.0/MRA58K/1468989670:user/test-keys ID: F5B_GQ3028AF2_13E_MM_VIENNA_20160830 TAGS: test-keys RADIO: MOLY.LR9.W1444.MD.LWTG.MP.V79.P2, 2016/07/11 17:26
  2. 1. Ulefone Vienna (Gotron GQ3028AF2 ) 2. Android 6.0, 64Bit MTK MT6753, 8 cores, 1.3 HHz CPU, stock ROM by Ulefone ( ROM Ulefone Vienna version: F5B_GQ3028AF2_13E_MM_VIENNA_20160830 – full_wtk6753_65u_m0-user 6.0 MRA58K ) 3. It uses internal Smart Audio PA DAC & amplifier chipset by NXP. audio_policy.conf
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