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  1. Maxim Kurbatov

    Replay Gain is buggy

    Those files are created for test, but I have very old tracks, which originally recorded with too low volume.
  2. Maxim Kurbatov

    Replay Gain is buggy

    Andre, I have tested and I have the same behaivor as you, +22dB and +32dB are almost the same with or without RG. I believe, that Poweramp should not limit RG level, but should use it as is. If it is by design, there should be some option, to disable this behavior and ignore theese limits. Thanks for your huge research, Andre!
  3. Maxim Kurbatov

    Spotify - Google Play Music support

    +1 It would be nice to add a feature to connect different internet-sources. It can be implemented like plug-ins: for example a plugin for a GooglePlay music, a plugin for samba shares and DLNA, so users can implement their own plugins for a different streaming sources, radio-stations/etc. If Poweramp give a interface for developers to implement such things - it will make this player much better
  4. Maxim Kurbatov

    Replay Gain is buggy

    Oh, sorry, wrong link. Samples are there: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3LaKvcoO-_5dEYyYnpuZHY3YnM?usp=sharing Ripping a big collection of music is very durable process, anyway Replay Gain should add exactly +23dB to some tracks, but it's not.
  5. Maxim Kurbatov

    Replay Gain is buggy

    There are 1 normal track and 2 silent tracks: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3LaKvcoO-_5dEYyYnpuZHY3YnM?usp=sharing They all have track_replaygain tags, also their volume is THE SAME, when I listening them in DeaDBeeF-0.7.2 on linux, but when I listening them on Poweramp on my Android, Waltari and Soundgarden tracks are more silent, than Radiohead track.
  6. Maxim Kurbatov

    Replay Gain is buggy

    Hi. I have noticed, that Replay Gain in Poweramp sometimes not works. If I open settings, go to replay gain settings menu, disable and enable replay gain, it can (not always) start working again. Also, if it stopped working, I can't absolutely hear difference, when I change RG preamp and Tracks-Without-RG-Tags preamp.