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  1. On 30/09/2016 at 7:25 AM, Albert said:

    please add plug'and'play support for USB DACs.
    Currently for my Fiio E17K to work I need to turn off the DAC, stop Poweramp and launch it again, then turn on the DAC.
    USB audio and ALSA support hotplugging so it shouldn't be an issue.
    Using build 703.

    Yes, please add this. Working properly with DACs is a major feature for me. I've only taken in interest in the new build due to better DAC support (I am buying a new one soon).

    It would be frustrating have to restart everything if my portable DAC gets disconnected for some reason (on purpose or accident)

    I'm not fussed about whether it only outputs in 16bit files through Poweramp due to not integrating the same way "USB Audio Player Pro" does, but I would appreciate minimal hassle DAC use like in the older versions of android. I have been using Poweramp for many years and I really like it, but annoying procedures to get DACs to work is the sort of thing that would make me change to something else out of convenience.


     Also can confirm that scrobbling isn't working properly for me too. Simple last.fm only picks up "Now Playing" but tracks don't show up in played cache. I tried restarting and disabling and renabling Poweramp as detected app to scrobble from in Simple last.fm with no success.

    I'm sure it will get fixed in final version asandrewilley said.  

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