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  1. It would be good if it could be applied, for example, a screenshot Poweramp to carefully arrange the visualizations without clicking every now and then save and just checking what came out Brilliant app. Already with 20 different configurations I did:) The mass of possibilities is
  2. I think I finally understood it the first visualization that meets the requirements as well. I have to work on the colors but they suddenly got in the negative as the background to white I set.
  3. With. Today I will go on this yet:) by this melody just hard to set something exactly
  4. It would be good if you could choose a song that flies during😀 the SD card or at least a few built-in. I also lack the option to reduce the reaction of the visualization, that is, the bars do not jump so high 😀 (unless it is and I can not set) You can also add a few other styles I apologize in advance for errors (google translator)😁
  5. It worked. Saving works properly. Even immediately the visualization starts in Poweramp. After the first delights, I notice the lack of several features that would be useful😀 application has great potential
  6. It remains to wait for updates. The application promises to be very good. So I keep my fingers crossed 🤞
  7. I also have just redmi note 8 pro. The problem may only concern the xiaomi brand... I do not know. I searched for this file all over the phone. Anyway, even the application was not able to otoworzc files that she saved a moment earlier. The list was empty..
  8. Cool app. A lot of configuration options. But it is a pity that nowhere saves files ... Neither in Poweramp folders nor anywhere on the phone is not those files that I created .... 😁
  9. Cool. Maybe this will be my favorite visualization. It seems to me only that slightly too high move and by most songs are all on the red already box
  10. Unfortunately, but the visualization of this topic under the link does not work in Poweramp ... Any other suggestions maybe?
  11. Hello. I am looking for visualizations in the style of VU meter. I searched the internet but unfortunately they did not work at all or incorrectly ....😪
  12. Everything is great. But with the visualization enabled and the song paused, something like that is done. Just like the background of the album cover ... The problem disappears as it turns off the visualizations ....
  13. Maybe I will write a few words from myself the first thing that annoys me is that the widget can not enter the application. The second is that during the included visualizations some glitch is done with the background when turning on the equalizer ...
  14. Huawei p10 lite android 7.0 does not work input to the application through the widget, the widget works but it is impossible to enter the application through it
  15. Hello. On the previous phone, when I made the music pauses with the wired headphones, it was possible to resume playing with the button in the headphones. And now, after switching to android 7, you can not resume music after stopping. I did not set something up or something does not work with the new android My phone huawei p10 lite version of Android 7.0
  16. Do you want to say that even with you, Max does not want to write? But he lives at all? I ask you so seriously .... Because it is quite strange to be done that the author of the program for several months on the website of his own program does not show up ....
  17. I think I will return to the refined V2. On my huawei v3 it causes a lot of problems. It does not work very steadily
  18. Again some nervous situations ... some people do not understand that the process of creating an application is not easy, as there are android phones with so many errors to get out, better now let it take longer than immediately after the release of the shortcomings. And no wonder Max does not want to write anything, since so many people get upset only ....
  19. Thanks, unfortunately, this is the only answer you can give. We only stay in the forum every day and wait for the news
  20. I do not think it's a date, just a piece of information, something like a job or screenshots. Generally a word from Max ... And at the moment it looks like there would be no general contact with Max ... Either he did not want to reply us or no longer interested in the project
  21. I would have survived somehow long time if I ever saw a screenshot of a work from time to time. Announcement or even a few words from the author about progress ...
  22. Out of curiosity I checked what kind of player this is ... It does not even wash to Poweramp, not intuitive and does not have the visualization of sound quality itself. The only thing cool is the ability to change the theme color ...
  23. Me thinks more about the button of the paw up and down. It looks like some screensaver of an internet radio player than a photo of a Poweramp ...
  24. Hmm. I think it is May 31 ... maybe though some comment why there is no update? It would take, given the huge number of interested ...
  25. Hey. And can someone tell me where is the folder visualization and where to download the new. I am interested in this music. Type spectrum analyzer or the most something like what the picture
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