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  1. Thank you for confirming that PA sounds better. Much appreciated! I REALLY hope they add the capability to play from Google drive very very soon!!!
  2. Can you PLEASE upgrade the EQ to a parametric EQ?? It would make it SO much easier to fine tune the sound settings if the numbers were included as well. Thank You!!!!
  3. Ok thanks Andre! I see the OnePlus One is on that list, and I have the newest OnePlus phone now (the 6T), so looks like I'm good! 👌
  4. I C. How do I do that? I have the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T. Thanks!
  5. Hey Andre, Have we confirmed that the latest Poweramp's Hi-Res Output actually works (aka, it completely bypasses Android Audio, or the Snapdragon's lesser quality DAC)? There was some debate about this a few months back that it actually wasn't enabled despite appearing to be. Thanks! P.S. SO happy V3 OFFICIAL VERSION is finally out!! And that we can move the album metadata OFF the album covers too!!!!!!
  6. Hey Andre, Yeah JUST saw this the other day. SO very happy this finally happened!! Love that you can adjust where the album metadata displays, the 100-step volume option, Hi-Res Output, the awesome UI that outdoes the rest, etc!! Great job Max!!!! 👌👌
  7. I agree about the options. I just wish we had them. I don't understand why anyone would want the metadata covering the album. If there was room in V2 to separate the two, I don't see why there can't be room now.
  8. Ok. I just hope it's soon. I tell ppl all the time about Poweramp, but most people aren't willing to sign up for Beta. Hopefully he resolves the album info blocking the album cover art issue too. But really everything else seems fine now to me. No playback issues, trouble importing settings files in Beta, etc. 😎 Thanks!
  9. When is this going to be resolved? Still waiting for the album info to go back to NOT blocking the album cover anymore.
  10. So what's the story with Poweramp now? We're on V3 Build XXX but if you go to official (non-beta) Poweramp, it reverts back to V2. Why hasn't an OFFICIAL version been released yet? Or, if it will be, when is that happening? I just don't get how you can have beta V3 versions out there but now official one yet??
  11. I'd rather it just got moved to BELOW the album cover pic. I don't understand why ANYONE would want their album covers blocked off?
  12. Hi Max, I was wondering, like USB Audio Player Pro, will V3 have an option to bypass Android audio processing if a better DAC is detected (either internally as with the LG V30 or externally)? This Hi-Res Output appears to just be to support Hi-Res music files, but not to bypass Android audio processing? Or am I wrong?? Please kindly let me know. Thank you!!
  13. Hi Andre, I think it would be best BELOW the cover art. Cover art shouldn't be obstructed. Having it below makes it neater and less messy. Great thread!!
  14. Hi Max, This RC Build 797 version looks fantastic!! One issue that I know others have reported that I'm having is I've noticed that when letting Poweramp play tracks (from song to song) on its own, sometimes this version will stop at the end of a song, and NOT play the next song unless I manually swipe over to it. Please fix this issue before releasing V3.0. Also, I am again requesting that you kindly include a parametric EQ (doesn't have to be anything fancy) with Poweramp since many users like myself rely HEAVILY upon custom EQs in order to enjoy the BEST sound possible. If this is time consuming, then please just release V3.0 and then perhaps add this to v3.1 or whatever in the near future. But if not, please just add it to V3.0. Hope all is well with you and your team. Thank you so much!!
  15. I'm still waiting to find out about this too. I just wish they'd release it already. As long as it has the 100-step volume and is stable (parametric EQ would be great too), I'll be happy!
  16. That's a good question too. Though I myself downsample all my Hi-Res albums to 256-512 kbps AAC, which doesn't sound ANY different than the original Hi-Res resolution it comes in, but takes up much less space and less power to play it. So I wouldn't worry about it either way to be honest.
  17. Yes I would love to know this too! I've been hearing "soon" for 4 years now. This app wasn't free, so for that I think customers deserve more clear communication. I do also appreciate all the effort put into updating Poweramp as well!
  18. Ok. I guess I have no choice but to wait. Will v3 Official have the 100-Step volume? What about a PARAMETRIC EQ?! Please answer both questions.
  19. Max was essentially my source too. Or a Dev working with him was.
  20. How do you know this? What is your source?
  21. Yeah but WHEN?!! lol I was told it would be by last NYE.
  22. Did Max also happen to say when v3 OFFICIAL was coming out by any chance?
  23. Hi Andre, Any update as to the OFFICIAL v3 release date? I tried to download the beta versions posted on here but it says file not found. Thanks! Hope all is well with you.
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