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  1. hi. i would really apreciate if you guys will add support for yandex music service to our player. i mean log in with user name and passw will give us acces to our liked collection and maybe any other feature like podcasting by genre or artist.
  2. i have two presets, each one for different headset, one for usb and another for bluetooth. while playing on bluetooth the equalizer sometimes changes my preset from bt to usb(especialy when switching from youtube to Poweramp). also sometimes switching from one device to another does not change the preset automaticaly (yes, i saved the preset for devices separatelly).
  3. it applies to other bars too. Note that old versions of Poweramp had not this issue
  4. @andrewilley thanks for reply. as i wrote, i tried every option on two different devices wich have different display resolutions. the issue is the same.
  5. hi. the spectrum bars have no longer equal thickness. this is related also other spectrum bars rather than the one in the example. i've tried many settings and on two different devices. the thickness is equal only in landscape mode. devices used: samsung galaxy s7 samsung galaxy s21
  6. thanks for update. galaxy S7 works perfect. any output options. no bugs noticed. keep watching for news.
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