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  1. This is interesting, I'll have to give this a try. I also had a sudden change like this I can't track down
  2. I'm having this on my axon 7. What's odd, is that when I was on v2, it. Worked fine through the buds. After trying the alpha, it jumped to the speaker
  3. Am I. Just a knucklehead, or do I have my settings right? Since I went to the. Alpha, when I get notifications, I don't get a pause Anymore, but both my. Music and the notification sound divert to the speakers on my axon 7(and I think the volume is reduced). Then when the. Notification is over, the music comes back to my buds... edit*** i can confirm this is only whit Poweramp, the factory media player and black player work fine. Struggling with. Screenshot, I'll get. It there...
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