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  1. Hi Max! Really great update! However I miss a larger integration with Google, expecially with "ok Google" routines. Is there any chance you can integrate Poweramp with music players recognised by Google app, like Google play music and Deezer? Thanks!
  2. I've a question: at this moment, if I assign wired output (jack) to openSL HDoutput (samsung UHQA PCM, i've a Galaxy S8), Poweramp doesn't detect if file is or not a HiRes file (right?) so if i set output res to 192 kHz it will do resampling. So isn't there a way to let Poweramp understand if i listen to a HiRes file and automatically switch to HD output, like (i think) Samsung's default music player do? Thanks!
  3. Play store version on Galaxy S8 Exynos, Hi-Res Output works flawlessly, great job Maxmp! A question; in your opinion is best to upsampling all tracks to 192 khz or is better to use HD Output only when listening to HD tracks?
  4. Yes. Or between two Bluetooth connected devices.
  5. Thanks for reply. I'd like to have a route option within two or more output connected devices. I though route audio did that and it doesn't seem there is a function like that on alpha builds. Am i wrong?
  6. Sorry, i didn't found it.. on standard releases i have "route output" on three dot menĂ¹. In last alpha i can't find it
  7. Hi, i've a question , maybe a noob one: where is "route output" setting? I've last alpha build. thanks a lot
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