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  1. 9 hours ago, Ecksdee said:

    Axon 7, pretty please? AFAIK Poweramp has never been able to output to the AK4996 DAC at more than 48k. Neutron is able to output 192k/24 without too much trouble.

    I guess it'd not be easy to output hi-res properly on this phone because ZTE has these weird quirks here and there, but if you need any file from the system i can definitely fetch it for you.


    edit: on another note, i can't actually find audio_policy.conf under /etc... I have audio_effects.conf though. No idea why, maybe it's 8.0 related, or because i have V4A?

    check both /vendor/etc and /system/etc, maybe you will see one

  2. Why my ZUK Z2 always fail to using hi-res output?

    i am using the offical ROM ZUI3.1.161.

    when i use the hires out it tells me failed.

    but if i flash an audio effect packages in the rec, it does work and variant is Lenovo hires output.

    i dont want to use any audio effect so i wont flash that audio effect packages.

    so my devices is offically support hires output but dont know why Poweramp didnt.

    please fix it or tell me what to do.

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