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  1. Hey, Using a Note 4 hi-res audio through BT, 703-play... works great, TY guys Im having trouble sync'ing up the visuals though. (2015 GMC Terrain audio system) under... settings > audio > output > hi-res > BT settings > visualizer delay it goes up to 500ms, but my visuals are still a bit early... if possible can you increase the delay option, another few hundred ms? Its a minor issue but anyone who is ocd will find it very annoying lol... Update: Having an issue when connecting through AUX hi res... I get a on/off static noise. Disabling DVC brings back
  2. Note 4 N910C on eRobot Rom Hi-Res Output (Exp.) > Variant: Samsung UHQA PCM Wired/AUX, BT, USB DAC, all show up. all are enabled, no errors so far.
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