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  1. You develop on Exynos Samsung devices? Yet Hi-Res doesnt work on my S7 Edge Exynos, nor with external DAC nor with internal. Only noise came out with the device with full volume - I almost lost my hearing The other thing is, folder view and every other like "Artis, Genre, Albums" doesnt work on my S7. Only the "All Songs" browser. I really like the new UI though it it less practical then it was.
  2. Hi Guys! I just wanted to share my experience with the new 790 beta built, even though I am pretty sure the dev wont read it most likely: - the new UI looks very good, probably the best music player UI I've seen, but it is unfortunately less practival then it was, expecially the "track line" (where you can skip), I also don't like that the folder is not separated at the bottom like it was in the prevous versions. - Hi-Res audio doesnt work on S7 Android 7.0 (Exynos) - it is also dangerous to try using. - I also almost lost my ears (and headphone), because when you turn up Hi-Res for some reason it is automatically turn up the volume to the maximum and nothing but noise come out of it. So be aware! If you have low quality headphones it might kill it. - folder view doesnt work, the app freezes whenever I tried to enter. It is a shame, because I use it 95% of time to browse my music. - It failed to use my DAC (Dragonfly) as Hi-Res audio, whenever I click on it Poweramp crashes. So to sum it up, the new Poweramp beta looks better, but has less funcion, less pratical, unstable, Hi-Res and other functions doesnt work like folder view and has some questionable UI changing decision. Do not update yet! It's a shame, because I was expected it to be a lot better and I know it will take months, even years to get a stable new Poweramp that I would use again to replace my current player. (Sent from Galaxy S7 Edge 7.0 Superman-ROM)
  3. Oh please. I have Nougat on S7 Edge Exynos and I doesn' have Hi-Res. It' aa shame, but I guess same goes for every other exynos s7 user.
  4. Well, you can try it. But let me say: I could get the same db audio with power AMP only with the built in EQ and amplifier, but for BlackPlayer it was much more lauder to begin with even though it used the built in EQ that Samsung offered - you can choose it inside of the app. - AND I did not activated the Direct Volume Control in Power AMP, so the sound should have been the same, but it wasnt. For Jack 3.5 users in my opinion BlackPlayer is currently the best with Viper4Android /Atmos. Yep, if you have an external DAC Neutron and UAPP is good too, but honestly it doesnt make any difference, since the other players can use the external DAC as well.
  5. BlackPlayer EX. I liked very much Poweramp for a long time and even though I tried a lot of audio players (Neutron, UAPP, Footbar2000 etc... - most of them had bad UI, too complicated, bad or doesnt work with Viper4Android) , I liked Poweramp the most.... until recently when I tried BlackPlayer - it was recommended on DivineBeats (Viper4Android) XDA forum that it has the "best sound" - and I have to say it was true it ha a better sound quality than Poweramp for some reason (idk the cause) , even when using Viper4Android or DolbyAtmos.... I also like the UI much better, it dont has the "flow" fancy feature from PA alpha, but other than that does a lot more: it has built-in lyrics, you can read the profile of the authors and albums and it even warn you if you have messed up tags. Easier to navigate on it and it is also much easer to edit tags with it than any other android app - if you want to fuse authors due to misstypes or mistakes. For now I think it is the best music player app for Android also gets updated often which is good.
  6. Hi! I have 2 request: 1) Model: Galaxy S7 Edge EXYNOS!!! (Not Snapdragon) 2) Original Galaxy S7 ROM 7.0.1 4) Because the Snapdragon S7 does support, you added it in your list, but you doesnt provided the support for the Exynos version unfortunatelly.... The 2nd one: 1) Dragonfly Red DAC (external DAC) 2) ?? 3) Well... it does support 24bit up to 192khz with USB OTG cable, but with my phone it writes 16bit 48khz unfrotuantelly... can you fix it please?
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