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  1. it is, and it does not work like it used to!! it's a complete mess now from my point of view. been strugling for quite some time with it. not ranting. stating the facts! it's not the app I paid for, and it's not like it used to be. it became unusable for my daily basis and using an old unfinished build is not a resolution either. so stop harrasing me. good luck with your product.. I'm off for good. just got back to turn off all notifications. please delete my account and ban me. f****n low IQ individuals on this forum jumping from all sides on me.
  2. I still think you guys made a huge mistake. changing the original app so drasticly.. it's just absurd. every time I update my 709 build by accident to this piece of **** breaks my nerve right away.. no hierarchy preserved, everythings unballanced, cant browse through folders like we used to..... (like, do I really have to scroll up 1000 songs to get back one folder?). why couldnt it be just another app version - a separate one? why?! makes no sence.. basically u destroyed our trust on urselves. will never advice to buy this thing to anyone EVER again. was biggest mistake.. you unresponsible d
  3. sr, I don't think u'r reading the msg or using the legit version of PA without skins. V797 library/playlist UI has no playback buttons.. -_-' and it's a complete separate menu so far. my comments are not about the looks, it's a bout the general navigation main-->playlsit-->main. and I'm surprised u'r feeling comfy with playback buttons overlayed track spectre/line or whatever it's called. but I get it, some ppl like potatoes with apple jam.. so, yeah, peace
  4. yeah, it's just an idea. a concept. a sketch.. not a functional end design. still, buttons overlaying playback (797) is not a solution at all. I'm suggesting not the loks, but usability.. u can make it as minimal as it was in last build as far as there is playback options at all times while u browse, ffrwrd and skip..
  5. Come on guys, wouldn't it be sensible to make the UI smart finally? I just don't get it, why have you decided to move backwards with all the navigation and playback? makes no sense... You wanna listen, you browse, you fast forward and skipp in seconds when you browse through your library for the right tune. it has to be like supermegasimple and intuitive! PLEASE bring back at least the playback option to library UI and fast option for foldier hierarchy in playlist.. as a mad audiophile I'm a huge PP fan and.. srsly, gu ys, just sit down and finish that UI once and for all. current buil
  6. hmm, is there a way to disable updates? I keep installing the older build, but it secretly updates to this broken one which is still unusable non the less in my opinion. F.A.Q didn't help It;s kinda annoying since u have to uninstall first to get it work, and then wait for scan to complete on 25.888 songs
  7. that's the thing - we're talking about the main product here - not individual approaches or fashion .) over 50.000.000 users...
  8. everythings possible. it's just an enormous load of work. I don't think I posted this in the right place. might be way out of the spectre for the current build.. probably would require a whole new UI architecture (if all comments taken into consideration).
  9. great fixes! hands down. starting to love this build. though I'd really reconsider bringing back the playback control in playlist menu UI. that was such a great option for a fast browse through tracks. and you can kill me, but I still don't think that bringing buttons on top of a touch sensitive playback area in main menu is that great of an idea (same goes on titles on top ot he cover art). I know it's a kind'a modern design approach, but great things should be more about functions and ergonomics first (which will always kinda bring us back to "boring" maybe, but will always be worship
  10. god, is there a way to roll back to previous test version and NEVER EVER update, PLEASE? EDIT: thnx so much andrewilley!
  11. fixed! noticed as of today. I'm a Huawei Mate 9 owner myself, but UI is pretty much the same (EMUI 5.0 / Nougat 7.0). if your're still having issues, try going through Poweramp and phone settings once again. here's a current lock screen preview:
  12. using nougat on Mate 9.puting sd card to pc and disabling read only in the folder optios solved the issue for me as well. thnx guys. EDIT: my bad. still not working. can't figure out why it gets blocked again. very annoying thing, since I have tons of music that need to get filtered/deleted :(((( so frustrating..!
  13. 1 - still need/want that one push direct shorcut to bass/trebble eq. on main screen, guys. srs! almost few years on this alpha/beta and it still bothers me like hell. hope you'll take that UI redesign into consideration. 'messy and complicated' app doesn't have to feel and look like one. you know the sayin - 'keep it simple, make it perfect.' there's a lot to work on. like.. you get on 'look and feel' but the vizualization and album art are out of the category and etc. let me know if I could make some visual suggestions for you directly, as a CG designer. 2 - just bought H
  14. great work guys. using Alpha 703 with my HI-FI setup (audioengine B1 + denon amp, full set of Monitor Audio 'Bronze') and already can't live without it!! please don't forget to fix the UI. at the moment it's a complete mess. as a designer, I'd suggest to make menu layout static, otherwise it's really REALLY hard to navigate. every window has it's own menu/settings panel and at a different place? lol wth. I'm also experiencing some issues with unplayable files in this build. but I'm sure you're gonna figure it out in the end .) this little guy became a beast! new sound settings/optio
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