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  1. 57 minutes ago, talios said:

    Isn't that commonly regarded these days as one of the worst ways to deliver software these days - agile rah rah - deliver early, deliver often, solicit feedback, evolve, improve.  Nothing will EVER be 100%.

    "Agile". That to me sounds like an excuse to deliver rushed, bad software. But I'm old fashioned :) I also don't like the speed at which the economy moves with new device every year. I liked back when a product had a bigger life and was better produced. I agree that nothing can't be done perfectly, and there are always new issues to take care of. But I like to go the extra mile early, than to have to always go back and apply workarounds and fixes.

  2. On 25.04.2017 at 3:04 PM, maxmp said:

    Sorry for the delay)

    I think I'm quite good at programming, but unfortunately, I'm bad on managing other developers, so basically I do everything by myself.

    That of course is not speeding things up.

    Also, I try to polish each feature until it works 100%. It's not possible to predict how long exactly that or this feature will take time to complete.
    Especially on Android, when you may need to write whole functionality from scratch as platform-provided one is buggy, is not reliable, or plain doesn't work on some devices/ROMs.

    Currently, planned v3 beta release month is set to May. This will be full featured v3 (it's basically alpha3 + new UI + fixes for recent ROMs, but not more).


    "Polishing each feature until it works 100%" - I like this approach, I'm a perfectionist too. Please take your time and deliver us a great product as always.
    The current alpha works very well apart from the Hi-Res on my HTC 10, so I can wait.

    Best wishes and kudos for your work, Max!

  3. This thread is called "Poweramp v3 Project Update" not "Express your frustration here".
    8 pages of useless "soap opera" as somebody earlier observed... Now people feel entitled to question his personal life, twitter posts, etc. Lame... Get another player, or get a life!
    I would lock this thread and open it when there is an UPDATE to post and to discuss. I come here to look for an update not for endless complains.

  4. On 01.04.2017 at 3:15 PM, BROKEN said:

    This is why devs don't like to give ETA's.

    To many people whinning. 


    23 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    While I'm as eager as the next person to see what Max has been working on (I haven't even seen a screenshot or anything myself either) I don't agree with the logic of the above part of your statement. If I buy a good book I don't expect the author to pop round and bring me revised editions for free every so often, nor DVDs, cars, etc. While it's great to get new features, I don't think you should feel cheated because you don't get them. You have paid 'as-is' for the functionality that you received after your two-week trial period ended (and bug fixes if something turns out to be broken) and anything further is a bonus.

    I haven't seen this amount of complaining on a similar product forum before... Everyone feels entitled to whine and ask for deadlines and promises just because they paid 2 bucks for an existing product.
    It has gone so far as to posting things like this "Are you 100% Max hadn't died already and is still alive? " for which I think the op should be banned and post deleted.

    On 02.04.2017 at 10:25 AM, Brainscollector said:

    Oh Im so sorry I was so ignorant ant arrogant that I have voted for material design. Damn I was even that ignorant that I spent time on making concept mockups for Max to look at. Damn, I will be damned for my ignorance. Style over functionality. Wow what the heck, let's make the best functional player even more functional, but stay on gingerbread era with style, because we spent time only on listening to music not on using app itself. Let's make this player even better than PC programs to music listening and leave the design like for 5 years untouched. 

    I'm with material design too! Where do I vote? :)
    But the way I see it, material design is more functional as well, it is not about style. I would like a lean app that has great usability and uses today's standards not because they are pleasing or not to someone's eye, but because they are better integrated with current Android OS at system level and this is the way to go for a product that needs to be above all - functional. I don't care if all material design players look the same, all I care is for it to be light and the UI more intuitive. For example I would like to see on the main screen if my EQ is enabled and what preset is active. And yes I would like a dark theme as well but that's it. The rest of the developing work should be targeted towards sound quality, hi-res functionality and support for current devices, which are the main reasons we all love this player. For all I care visualizations should be ditched all together, they are dated, childish, and serve no real purpose. The EQ spectrum is enough. I listen to music, not stare blindly at my phone screen enjoying psychedelic trips.

  5. 17 hours ago, blvckjvck said:

    Today i came back to 703 beta. 704 doesn't work with android 7.0 on my HTC 10. I don't have hi res output, but sound is still the best of all audio players.

    I use 704 on my HTC 10. What doesn't work for you?
    Yes Hi-Res output is buggy and stops once in a while when skipping but otherwise works well.

  6. On 08.01.2016 at 2:28 PM, andrewilley said:

    Agreed, I've always felt that the rotary Tone controls should have flat in the centre, and +/- on either side. I've never been quite sure why it was implemented as a boost-only feature.

    As for Visualistions, I really can't see any harm in providing a decent selection as long as there's no great size overhead involved. I personal would probably use it as a visual pattern generator rather than as a frequency analysis tool.


    +1 on the tone controls

    Don't know if this is already in the Features request thread but it should be.

    All controlls in amplifiers, receivers, RockBox, are that way, in the middle is neutral and you can add or substract bass and treble.

  7. Using alpha 703

    It would be nice to have a visual cue about the status of the eq (on or off) on the main screen. For example EQ symbol underlined or in red color.

    I use more than one headphone and also BT speaker, and I assigned some eq presets to some output devices but I always have to do two taps to see if the EQ is active or not.

    Also it would be good to be able to disable visualizations completely from all menus, because I don't care about visualizations, my screen is off when I listen to music. On main screen instead of visualizations symbol it would be better to have the EQ symbol with the state it's in.



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