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  1. 830 downloaded directly from this site is still working fine.
  2. So far, 830 downloaded directly from this site is working fine. LG G7. Android 9. Will keep you posted.
  3. I can't open 829 that I downloaded from this site, so it would seem that I can't send error reports. I will try downloading 830 from this site. I note that both times my 829 crashed and prevented me from getting back in, I was trying to access or discontinuing access to Android Auto.
  4. I took your advice and installed 829, which worked fine until a bit ago. The error message I get now is that the app keeps stopping. I can't open the app. It seems to me that Android 9 is really playing havoc with the app on certain devices. I hope it can be fixed.
  5. Same issue. LG G7. Uninstalled 830. Installed 829. Problem now solved.
  6. Never mind. Figured it out. Seems to have fixed it completely.
  7. Will try. How do I download 829?
  8. None of these things has fixed the issues.
  9. Chromecast now working fine. I have no idea why.
  10. LG G7. Android 9. Beginning this week, coincident with upgrade to Android 9, when I press play, most of the time I get the error message "Failed to Play File!" but the file nonetheless plays. I've also noticed that on the screen when the track plays, the minutes and seconds elapsed stays at 0:00, the waveform doesn't progress, and I can't speed up or reverse the track by touching the waveform. Any ideas?
  11. I'm hoping someone will take pity on me. Two bugs (that are probably user error). First, I can't get Chromecast to cast. I press Cast and the Chromecast speaker goes "blurp" and both Google Home and Poweramp show that the file is playing, but there's no sound. I'm running the latest version of Poweramp and Chromecast firmware 1.39.154941. Second, when playing audio files, using Poweramp, through my car Bluetooth connection, a track will play and then cut out, forcing me to press play on the car stereo interface or in Poweramp. It will then play again and then cut out when the next track comes up. I have no idea why this started. Help?
  12. I have Chromecast Audio with 1.39 firmware. I cannot get Poweramp to cast. I can't get it to cast to my other Google Home devices, either. What am I doing wrong? Is there a step-by-step guide somewhere? I hear the Google cast tone, but no music follows.
  13. Same problem with deleting whole album or individual songs. Delete button greyed out.
  14. Build 814 suddenly not playing entire album. Stops after each song. LG G7.
  15. This is happening again. Now on build 814 and different tracks, but same phone, etc. Did not notice it since build 808. "Build 807. LG G7. Wrong selection shown as playing. Was listening to Herbie Hancock, but system said I was listening to U2. See full screen shot."
  16. Build 807. LG G7. Wrong selection shown as playing. Was listening to Herbie Hancock, but system said I was listening to U2. See full screen shot.
  17. Build 807. LG G7. Terrible buzzing/static using Bluetooth. Hi Res enabled.
  18. V 799: Album tracks not playing in sequence automatically after first track plays. Error message: "Failed to play." Help? Update: Seems to occur only when wired headphones are plugged in. Seems to be OK with my car's Bluetooth. Update 2: Hi res in use with headphones, not with Bluetooth.
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