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  1. Noetsi

    Chromecast not working

    I have Chromecast Audio with 1.39 firmware. I cannot get Poweramp to cast. I can't get it to cast to my other Google Home devices, either. What am I doing wrong? Is there a step-by-step guide somewhere? I hear the Google cast tone, but no music follows.
  2. Noetsi

    Poweramp Build 815

    Same problem with deleting whole album or individual songs. Delete button greyed out.
  3. Noetsi

    Poweramp Build 814

    Build 814 suddenly not playing entire album. Stops after each song. LG G7.
  4. Noetsi

    Poweramp Build 814

    This is happening again. Now on build 814 and different tracks, but same phone, etc. Did not notice it since build 808. "Build 807. LG G7. Wrong selection shown as playing. Was listening to Herbie Hancock, but system said I was listening to U2. See full screen shot."
  5. Build 807. LG G7. Wrong selection shown as playing. Was listening to Herbie Hancock, but system said I was listening to U2. See full screen shot.
  6. Build 807. LG G7. Terrible buzzing/static using Bluetooth. Hi Res enabled.
  7. V 799: Album tracks not playing in sequence automatically after first track plays. Error message: "Failed to play." Help? Update: Seems to occur only when wired headphones are plugged in. Seems to be OK with my car's Bluetooth. Update 2: Hi res in use with headphones, not with Bluetooth.
  8. Never mind! Just had to turn off the phone's internal DAC.
  9. LG G7 running latest Android. All hi-res content output as 16-bit/48khz.
  10. Version 795 on HTC 10 is not sharing the album and track information through Bluetooth. That is, the information doesn't appear on the LED screen in my car as it has with prior 700+ builds. I've checked other apps, and it appears to be Poweramp only that's not sending through such information. The music itself plays just fine.
  11. Noetsi

    V790 bugs on HTC10 Oreo 8.0

    Another issue just cropped up. I have DVC engaged, but the DVC effect disappears when I plug in wired headphones, and I have to turn the volume up very high to hear music at a normal level. If I go in and deselect and reselect DVC, DVC reengages, and I can go in and turn down the volume, so that a normal playback level is achieved at a much lower volume.
  12. Noetsi

    V790 bugs on HTC10 Oreo 8.0

    Fair enough, but I never experienced that with any of the previous versions. Maybe it has to do with Oreo.
  13. Noetsi

    V790 bugs on HTC10 Oreo 8.0

    V790 has been installed on my HTC10 Oreo 8.0 for a couple weeks. Three bugs to report. 1. Sound has to be turned up past at least 50 out of 100 to be heard. This bug has been present since download. 2. Just today, during playback, the volume faded, the sound not going away completely, but lowering significantly for around 10 seconds, before returning to previous level. 3. Also just today, during playback, the track stopped playing when I switched to another app. To restart the track, I had to go back in and press play. I haven't noticed any other issues. I think the redesign looks great, and hi-res output seems to be working fine.
  14. I just noticed today that my HTC 10 is playing 24/96 and above files at 16/48. Am a beta 703 user and have enjoyed Hi Res Output Cor months. Button allowing me to set output at Hi Res seems to be gone. Help?
  15. Noetsi


    Thanks. Updated settings. HTC 10 with 192/24 working fine, although frequently glitching with an error message, as reported elsewhere on this site. I find that if I open another app and give it 30 seconds or so, it resets.