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  1. Hi Andre, Thanks for looking into this on our behalf This bug happened to me on a vanilla Invidia Shield Tablet (Android version 6). I bought a shiny new Pixel C tablet last month running vanilla Android version 7, and this still happens to me nearly every time I fly. Other settings in Poweramp are retained, so I'm thinking that bad ROM is not the issue. I would be happy to run a custom build of Poweramp for a bit if the developers wanted to chase this annoying bug.
  2. Just for completeness, Poweramp did it to me again today while on a flight. So, ya Poweramp is checking for a license every time you restart the tablet, and locking up whenever it cant find the internet. Please fix this!!
  3. Hi, I spend a lot of time on airplanes for work, and this keeps happening to me over and over. I'll be a couple hours into a flight, and Poweramp suddenly declairs that I don't have valid license . I just got off a 14 hr flight with no music because of this (I'm sitting in the airport typing cause I'm so frustrated). This isn't new either, it has been doing this to me off and on for a couple years now on various devices. Somebody please fix this!!!!
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