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  1. @XrayDoc88, Since my last post, I have had three new phones, a Pixel XL (with same mid-air activation verification bug), with a OnePlus 5T with same problem and about a month ago I got a Samsung S9+ and surprisingly I have not had the issue... Since then I flew to Brazil, Peru and Chile and I did not have that mid-air verification issue. Same google account on phone, etc... I do not appear to have done anything different on my side, but the issue seems to be gone. I still keep 2 other players (Player Pro and Black player) just to be on the safe side.
  2. I fly to South America monthly, so it's 10 hours in the air each way. Poweramp gives me that stupid error that it cannot check the license and stops playing mid air all the time. Once I land, it checks license just fine and plays without a hitch. How many times does it need to check for a license? I almost never turn my phone off, let alone never reset it… The link and info above is not accurate. The program has a bug somewhere and needs to be fixed. I paid for the unlocker, it is on my phone, so as long as the unlocker is on phone, it should never have to connect to no server ever… This player is one of the best around, but my level of aggravation is just thru the roof. I just landed from Chile this morning and I could not use player and I am going to China in 2 weeks… Get your act together, this is not rocket science. NEXUS 6P RUNNING STOCK ANDROID NOUGAT
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