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  1. Hello fellow PA enthusiasts! Would someone kindly help me understand the different types of music shuffle? Say I've got four albums (1 through 4), and each of them has 10 songs (A through J), such that the first song on the first album is called "1A", the third song on the second album is called "2C", the last song on the last album is called "4F", and so on. "Shuffle all available songs" is pretty clear to me (i.e. play the songs randomly from all 40 of them, with no regard for what album a given song is on), as is "shuffle off" (play each song in order, then repeat with the next album, then the next, and so on). But how might "shuffle songs, lists in order" play them? And how might "shuffle lists, songs in order" play them? Finally, how might "shuffle songs, shuffle lists" play them? Also, for purposes of this discussion, how does a "list" (I assume that means "playlist") differ from an "album"? When figuring out how to shuffle things, does PA simply consider albums to be logically equivalent to lists, and vice-versa? Thanks to anyone who can help me to understand this. I sure wish that PA had a User Manual (with pictures!) Cheers, everyone!
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