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  1. I'm not actually certain now if I've got a problem or not. What I want to do - and what I was doing with the previous version - is to shuffle my albums randomly, but then play each album from beginning to end before advancing to the next one. The new version doesn't seem to have anything called "album shuffle", but it does have "shuffle categories", which seems to be working in at least a similar manner. It's kind of hard to be sure if it's doing exactly what "album shuffle" used to do, in part because this new version doesn't seem to want to display the track number of the current track - so until I get to an album I know by heart, it's hard to tell whether I'm getting the tracks in order. (I use Poweramp in my car, so I'm listening it rather than watching it - and I can't be pushing a lot of buttons while I'm driving!)
  2. Perhaps this has already been answered, but: What happened to Album Shuffle? This feature was kind of tricky to find before the latest update, but I can't find it at all now - and that means Poweramp is basically useless for me! :-(
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