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  1. Hmm doesn't seem to work... Strangely it does show the track in the status bar and the widget shows the pause button, meaning that it thinks that it is playing. If I press the pause button, the button does not change, but the music starts playing. Then pressing the pause button again actually pauses it! I have managed to work around this by using an app called AutoMate. I have set a routine that runs automatically as follows: Startup - Wait for boot routine completion - 5 second delay - Is music playing - (No - Press play) (Yes - Return to step 2) This seems to work every time on my test phone, so I expect it to work on my car stereo That said, it would make life easier if it just worked. When I set it up on my stereo, I will try without AutoMate first, as it may just be an issue with the phone. Thanks for your help!
  2. Oh wait, ignore me! Found it in Settings/Audio. I'll have a play with it! Thanks Simon
  3. Oh hold on, I don't have an Audio Focus section in Headset/Bluetooth... Is that only in the paid version? Thanks Simon
  4. Hey, Thanks for the reply. The problem is I need it to resume instantly, regardless of any headphone or BT connection. As it is an Android stereo, there is no headphone Jack, and there wouldn't necessarily be anything connected by Bluetooth. Thanks Simon
  5. Hey all, I'm new to this app and was looking for some advice. I have a double din Android Stereo and wanted to use Poweramp as my main music app. 1 thing I really need is for the app to resume music playback when the device boots. I believe that this function does not exist in the app settings, but does anyone know if this is possible? Maybe using an automation or tasker app? Thanks Simon
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