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  1. Hi @maxmp Thanks you for your hardwork. I use the paid version for 4 years, and the beta one for 1-2 years (since it is released). It is impossible to find an equivalent to such an excellent player on Android. The new version is absolutely amazing, thanks you also for the 5 stars rating system back. Nothing to add to that excellent job,but same problem than @mr_space although it doesn't annoy that much. (just aesthetic) I noticed how the French translations have been enhanced in that new version, thanks you so much!
  2. Hi, I got this problem too. When hearing to His-Res Music, (24bit, 96KHZ), I hear static crackling noise... I use a BT speaker (blackbeat pro). I must reboot the phone to make this boring issue to stop. But the issue will start again after a while. If I switch from 16bits to 24 bits, then I get the issue also, even if I hadn't it yet before. I have tried the mentionned solution above (disabling DVC), but it won't work. PLEASE, fix this, other music player haven't that issue, such as MusicXmatch... I wish a paid app would work properly. Phone : Alcatel idol 3, 6.
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