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  1. Anyone know if Max has a donations link or anything? This release is amazing. This is worth more than the $4 I paid years ago.
  2. Would appreciate if Hi-Res audio on Snapdragon chips running Android 9 fully functioning with DVC was a priority in future builds. Thanks.
  3. Are you working on a fix for this / any update on this issue? This is the only thing I would really like from Power Amp in the near future.
  4. Can confirm, Oreo had a functional version of hi-res audio with DVC, and sounded great. DVC not working in Pie version of OnePlus 6 in hi-res output means basically any EQ changes clip and distort immediately, and the volume is considerably lower, also making it unusable. The OpenSL output works fine for me, but the Hi-res output was superior to my ears, particularly with EQ. I hope the fix for this is high priority, as I imagine most Snapdragon 845 phones would have the same issue, which is a lot of phones.
  5. It would be nice if DVC worked for Snapdragon based audio in the full release. OnePlus 6 now has an official release of Android Pie, but DVC still doesn't work with HiRes, though it did in Oreo and below.
  6. New version (796) was just pushed through the play store. While hi-res audio now works on my OnePlus 6 + Android P beta 2, it only does so with direct volume control disabled. Unfortunately, that provides a much weaker output and isn't enough to drive my main headphones. Standard outputs get much louder. Progress! But fixing DVC would be nice. Might just be worth rolling back to Oreo for now honestly.
  7. It would seem that the OnePlus 6 Android P beta 2 doesn't support hires audio. It gives option for direct HD but produces no sound. Not sure if that's a OnePlus issue or if there will be something different in Android P that will need to be fixed.
  8. The difference you claim to hear in things like Black Sabbath vinyl rips is very likely not what you think it is. Unlike CDs, Vinyls are analogue format, to get that into a digital format, you need to interpret it. That gets filtered by the player to a sound which is different than the original recording. You might objectively find it more pleasing, as it might be a warmer and more relaxed sound, but it is not identical to the original. If you're comparing a vinyl rip to a CD rip, that's the difference you're hearing, not the added detail of the file format. What you should be doing is taking your vinyl rip and compressing it to 320 mp3. I've done this, and with a/b testing on PC with good hardware, heard no difference despite originally thinking I did. You seem overly concerned with numbers and shit that would look great advertised on the front of a box. 768 khz, wow! That MUST be the best! I mean, nevermind that you're never actually going to get files in that format, or that your hearing would never discern it, or that there's almost no hardware that legitimately outputs that even if it can process it, I'm going to get that because it MUST be the best. Use your damn ears. Stop being a tool that accepts marketing gimmicks unquestioningly.
  9. It's been said before but I'll just confirm. Axon 7 (snapdragon) worked on Marshmallow with 703, but after upgrading to 7.1.1 both 703 and 704 don't work. 704 gives the option but says output failed as soon as you plug in the audio jack. Hey Max, how about compiling me an Axon 7 compatible apk of version of 704 and I'll paypal you $100? I know beta 3 is in the works, but as nice as a UI update would be, I'd just like my audio to work well. My Audeze's are so sad with all these downsampled FLACs.
  10. I second this. I already use the high res audio, but it claims it's using the snapdragon variant. Would be nice to use the actual DAC chip.
  11. Stock ZTE Axon 7 has support, however it displays Snapdragon as the output device, where as it has it's own internal DAC + amp (AKM 4961 + 4490). Support and playback through those would be optimal, unless this is just a identification error and it does playback through those, as hifi playback is selected in the audio settings.
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