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  1. May i suggest something simple?, pull down from recently added to manually refresh track?
  2. Yudhis

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Queue isnt playing right after current track when i activate advance list and shuffle on, honestly this feature is what i like the most rather than any player
  3. Yudhis

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Disabling dvc and headroom gain helps increasing volume with samsung uhqa (Samsung ,Android 7.1.1 @ Exynos 7885)
  4. Yudhis

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Hi res option in samsung uhqa have too low volume and not quite a good sound, is something wrong?
  5. Yudhis

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Thank you max, hi-res now in build 706 sounds good with samsung uhqa at 7.1.1, disabling dvc in hi-res does sounds better. (Galaxy A8+ 2018)
  6. I think i need more time to read all these bug discussion ?, a new reply in less than an hour. I think we are all so excited with this update
  7. I do update without uninstalling the old one and when i click recently added song it crashed, maybe i should uninstall the previous version first
  8. Lol, look how excited u guys just with just a little spoiler
  9. i've been scrolling through 100 pages in 2 years, it's just 5 more days guys, hang on....
  10. You should try neutr*n, i have purchased both neutr*n and Poweramp
  11. If there's more that you wanna know you can peek at Poweramp forum at 4pda, maybe it's worthed ?
  12. Yudhis

    Tag Editor

    You can use mp3tag as it's free and easy to use in your pc of course
  13. Just hoping the best for Poweramp to have update as soon as possible, and i still check this thread regularly (ps: every 24 hours), just hoping atleast some teasers or blurry images about the updates (English isn't my native so forgive me for my mistake in writing)
  14. Yudhis

    asus zenfone 3 Android 7.0. Hi res

    I'm having the same problem with my asus zenfone 3 (my phone is asus ze552kl) , build 704 in android 7.0 always failed like the other people have already experienced (android 6 before is flawless)
  15. Yudhis

    Poweramp force closes

    It's recommended for N but my Poweramp works perfectly fine