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  1. I think the key to all these issues are the settings in the Audio -> Output menu. Since I changed back the speaker output to "AudioTrack Output" and deactivated DVC for Speaker & Bluetooth , the problem seems to be gone. It looks like the settings here do not only have an effect on the loudspeaker, but also on the internal speaker of the phone (the one used for normal calls) - and then DVC increases the volume of the loudspeaker too much, so the sound gets distorted. It is not always the case, but in connection with connecting and unconnecting wired headphones, using Bluetooth and also switching on the "UHQ Upscaler" + equalizer of the stock ROM, it happens. I haven't been able to track it down any further. Again we are talking about a stock Galaxy S7 with the latest firmware updates installed.
  2. Poweramp alpha-build-703-play full version Samsung Galaxy S7 Android 6.0.1 Stock ROM Bug description: When I unplug the headset, while Poweramp is playing music, the music stops (as selected in the corresponding menu), but the mobile phone gets stuck in "headset mode". I tested this with screen on and off. As Androind 6.0.1 does not have the headphone icon anymore in the taskbar, you can see this when going to the advanced audio settings of the phone ROM, that e.g. UHQ is still selectable, etc. If I then plugin in and take out the headphones again, it is okay (and UHQ is not selectable anymore). Further effect of the bug: The issue with this problem is that if UHQ stays enabled (or let's say if the phone stays in "headset mode"), the sound of phone calls gets distorted and clips / crackels. Note: It only happens when the sound was playing for a while with screen off. Maybe it is related to a kind of power saving mode of the phone?
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