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  1. For info this is how GoneMad MP looks with this option (and , yes, i have noticed Wish You were Here isn't on year order - must be poorly tagged)
  2. any news on this? it would be great if added.
  3. No - but I'll keep an eye on it next time.
  4. Ah - thanks - I thought I had been keeping up 🙂 obviously not.
  5. Hi Early testing is looking good with my gapless issues - brilliant - more testing when I'm back at work and using it all day. One other issue - the small "What's Playing" thing on this screen, occasionally shows a totally wrong track - see below- the FLC Track shown wasn't what was playing and hasn't been played for some time! Not a huge issue at all really now that the gapless issue seems to have been sorted Many thanks - I'll report back only if gapless issues reappear on further testing!
  6. Like others - I still get the occasional "judder" in the music - very similar in some ways to the effect I get when gapless fails a very small blip in the sound. Not enough to perceive as silence, but enough to notice
  7. Back to Gapless - I did what I did on the last release, and got the same, initial, results - perfect playback on music I've not played in a while. But occasionally a small glitch. I'l know more when I;m back at work and listening to it all day
  8. For info - I totally reformated my SD card and copied everything back on, so fragmentation shouldn't be an issue
  9. But my card works fine in an older phone.
  10. For you, does it remain gapless after the first play for ever? For me eventually it will get a gap again (Ithink - more testing on that)- I know Max has said PA doesn't cache stuff, but presumably the OS does at some level?
  11. I'll sort some files out later - but I've been using v2 for many, many years without an issue, on a lot of phones - going back to Moto Defy, and most of my music has remained in the same format. As it works fine if on internal memory, I'm not sure you'll be able to reproduce, but I'll send anyway! Tried to PM you but "!maxmp cannot receive messages."
  12. The thing is - when I tested it first thing this morning, it seemed fine - I tested with some CDs I've not played for ages on the phone speaker. But that may have been a limitation of the phone speaker. And I am pretty sure the gaps are smaller
  13. There's obviously something up with the forum download. The Play store link works fine.
  14. Gapless for me is still an issue, may have a slight improvement but still there.
  15. Correction - Black Player has a few issues - just listening to Misplaced Childhood - very few gaps in original - and once in whole CD there was a noticeable gap. It'll be a bugger to track down - this bug seems to be device related - but not totally
  16. Edit - Black Player works with gapless without an issue as well. Adding to the the list of working software on my device.
  17. OK more testing on the gapless issue. I really don't think it can be SD card speed. My phone is a Moto G5 - and it has gapless issues (thread refers to G5 Plus, but it looks like it is a common issue with G5 as well) I have used the latest release on my music in my G5 and it doesn't play gapless. Using my 2015 Samsung A3 - so a less powerful device, with the same card and everything is fine. Back to the Moto. Using PA v2x - everything is fine. Using GMMP v2 and alpha 3 and everything is fine Most other music players are crap - see link above.
  18. These days, yes, no problem, the very early models had issues, but I had a Nano that was fine and our old touch is Ok - I think - I rarely use it and memory is fading with age but I doubt if I'd swapped my old Rio Karma* for the Nano if it didn't work. *out of curiosity I just looked at eBay for Rio Karmas and found one that was described as "Vintage Retro" now I am feeling old
  19. Sorry, I couldn't recall what formats I had tested, so checked again this morning and found a nice Live LP (Black Sabbath Live Evil) so lots of noise between tracks, and it was ogg and with gaps. It all depends on my chances of playing MY music in MY car with MY family - if I think I have a chance then it has to be MP3 as we've an old iPod in there. Otherwise I go ogg vorbis.
  20. Alas, as I did say earlier (I think) Ogg Vorbis has been my format of choice for some time, and it makes no difference.
  21. I'm afraid it is a feature whose absence means I may have to move. I know improvements have been promised, but back when I first bought PA, it was one of the few, maybe only, that offered true gapless. Now, alas as my phone seems to have "issues" with lots of other players that say they do, I'm left with either PA2 (still very good) or GMMP - v3 is in Alpha and looks very nice. So it is a bit of a race to see which player I will finally end up as my daily player.
  22. Mmm - back playing Dark Side - which was gapless after a first play this morning, now after all day playing, back to gaps - so I think there must be some sort of memory efect going on.
  23. Maybe on internal the gap is there, but the speed makes it not noticable - we only see it on slower cards, and then only the first time, when the database hasn't got the gapless tag. After that the engine does whatever it needs to do and it works
  24. Sorry double posted - too many tabs open. Anyway here's some before/after images. The first image is a track I've not played in PA - the second is the same track as soon as I play it. Notice the "gapless" tag is now showing (sorry for the white dots, that's not PA, I have touches show up on the screen and the three finger touch is shortcut for screenshot)
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