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  1. Thanks for the pointers Andre, especially the recommendation for Tagscanner. Bewildering choice out there.
  2. Yes this is job I need to do. Could you be so kind as to point me to a suitable reference? Thanks very much.
  3. Andre thanks for answering. I'll get onto that.
  4. I have files in two folders Bach_Well-Tempered_Clavier, Book I Bach_Well-Tempered_Clavier, Book II These show up in Android's Solid Explorer in logical order. (see first pic) When searched in Poweramp, the order is jumbled. The playing order shown jumps seemingly at random between the two folders. I have the 'filename as title' option turned on in Lists settings. Thanks.
  5. Thanks again for your helpful answer. I'll get on this
  6. Andre thank you for your answer. Another one: and please tell me if you want this in a separate post. This might be connected to the shuffle problem. WHen I search under Album, the tracks are in a random order. How can I fix that so that they appear in track number order. Thanks.
  7. I would like to know if there is any way of turning off or deactivating shuffle . I'm a classical music afficionado and the shuffle function is a nightmare. Even if I manage to turn it off on one album or folder, it's on again with the next folder. Or if I try swiping to the next track, the software jumps to a random track in the middle of another folder. I appreciate that this request is in the minority but I would like to know if this is possible. Also apologies if there are instructions for this. I honestly cannot find them.
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