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  1. Hi, On the latest Poweramp i have an issue where i go to the next track and sometimes it moves with a delay and doesn't show the current track playing. When i go to the next track, the new one either not showing up (shows the previous track or shows the new one with a big delay) Attaching a video to visualize the issue OnePlus 8 Pro, OxygenOS Poweramp version: build-905-arm64-play Tried to reset all notification settings and it still the same. In colored artwork and legacy notifications it works with no issues and the correct track is displayed all the time. 21-07-13-11-09-36.mp4
  2. Dear max, Please consider giving hi res support for Android based DAP's such as FiiO, Pionner and many others that capable of hi res output with no issues (their stock music app can do it). Device: FiiO X7 Mark 2 ROM: FiiO 1.0.5 Firmware (Android 5.1.1)
  3. Device: FiiO X7 Mark 2 ROM: Stock FiiO 5.1.1 http://fiio.net/en/products/71
  4. Galaxy S8 Nougat build Hi Res works fine here build 704.
  5. Most of the phones can use High res API via USB Dac. The High res output that we are talking here is with internal DAC of the phone. While your phone might have internal DAC, OEM's decided to disable it in the software level and max can't add high res audio path to ROMs. Attachine the high res menu on a compatible device for example (OnePlus 3T). I'm not using AUX because this is still broken on nougat for the current alpha version so i'm using my B&O DAC that came with the G5. EDIT: After digging abit on the internet, I don't think that your phone have High res capable hardware.
  6. It is the cause. Tested this on my friend's oneplus one and same thing. Nought bug or incompatability of Poweramp with nought for now. But still love this player since 2010 and will wait like the rest for the final 3.0 release
  7. OnePlus 3T, OxygenOS 4.0.3 (Latest nougat). I have an option for high res audio via headset but for some reason is keeps failing and reverting to default output. Any ideas why might cause it?
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