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  1. Using

    OnePlus 5T oreo beta build 1

    Poweramp alpha 704


    I know how stupid and nonsens it sound but it is true.

    Left and Right channels are unbalanced for me Right channel is sound much louder then Left. I can balance it with build in balance function and i have it on -0.30 sometimes -0. 14to be balanced.If i try google play music it is balanced. 

    Im sure its not headphone problem.



  2. On 23. 1. 2017 at 7:16 AM, Hajo said:

    Same here. Oneplus 3T. Used to work, after update to android 7 always says high res output failed and switches back to 16/48 HDS LMT. 

    High res output to USB dac works fine (TEAC ha-p50)

    same here, can we please fix this? i just flashed stock clean OOS 4.0.2 and new install 704 but no luck.. highres output failed to switch on. Oneplus3T

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