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  1. andrewilley deserve honored price for keeping community alive and calm for years with no real update of PA. I hope max will appreciate what you did here.
  2. yes, please fix that headphone issues asap it cant be so hard
  3. Using OnePlus 5T oreo beta build 1 Poweramp alpha 704 I know how stupid and nonsens it sound but it is true. Left and Right channels are unbalanced for me Right channel is sound much louder then Left. I can balance it with build in balance function and i have it on -0.30 sometimes -0. 14to be balanced.If i try google play music it is balanced. Im sure its not headphone problem.
  4. same here, can we please fix this? i just flashed stock clean OOS 4.0.2 and new install 704 but no luck.. highres output failed to switch on. Oneplus3T
  5. im already started topic about this..but same as here noone respond http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/7874-android-m-crash/
  6. Latest Poweramp crashing on Android M and nexus5. I know Android M is only development preview but i just wanted let you know and fix will be greatly welcomed as i wanted use it as daily driver but cant without Poweramp
  7. yes im up for implement lyrics without external application thanks
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