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  1. I am going to uninstall Poweramp entirely and redownload it. Let me look for dvc option to turn off first as you suggested. Thank you Edit 1: I have reinstalled my regular build of Poweramp from my backups. As far as regular phone speakers go, they had no impact with either on or off. I ran a song St full volume. I think quality may be a little low of these speakers in general. I will do an edit 2 after a test in my car with Aux cable.
  2. I should also mention that I am about to download beta version for the first time. My issue is with the version available for regular download. I am not sure if this issue has been identified / fixed.
  3. I have note 7. I used to run this app on note 4 with great sound quality, headset or not. It used to high sound. However since note 7, it just sounds horrible. I used Aux output and I had to increase volume to a very high output and sound started cracking by the time it became decently audible. I have used mx player, and that app has Audio output higher than Poweramp at the moment. I have tested this with both my phone speakers and Aux cable in my car.
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