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  1. It wold be nice if Poweramp could prevent the phone screen from turning off when playing music while connected to a charger. This should be an option that can be enabled/disabled in the PwerAmp app settings. When on battery power the screen should turn off after the set time to conserve battery life.
  2. The EQ in the current 2.0.10 build 588 induces crackling noises and distortion when playing the following lossless audio files: WMA lossless, 88.2kHz/24 bit FLAC, 192kHz/24bit FLAC, 96kHz/32 bit PCM. Disabling the EQ eliminates the noise and artifacts so it is something wrong with the EQ implementation. I also submitted an official bug report but have not received any reply, not even if the report was received or not. Please fix this extremely annoying problem, the way it is now the EQ is unusable when listening to these high fidelity formats. After all listening to hi def audio is why most of us use Poweramp.
  3. I subscrie to this feature request. The Amazon music player has this feature and it is great to be able to follow have the lyrics scroll automatically as the songs goes on.
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