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  1. There actually are tag editors as seperate apps that work like poweramps tag editor, with automation and all, and they do save those in the file, most of them have to be unlocked with an in app purchase to be actually not frustrating tho. so what i do is, (well firstly i actually get my music with well made tags lol) I download the image using Poweramp and then use my fav file explorer for android, mixplorer, with the tag addon and i go to the album folder, select all files (there's a button for that), go to edit tags in the three dots menu, tap on the spot for the album art and navigate to /
  2. Only third party. Please don't tell me I've got to report it to the theme's dev. I feel like I reported and requested so many small annoying details already, I'm pretty sure he'd fly over to my house and kill me.
  3. The Chromecast button can't be disabled anymore. I don't use Chromecast and it's on top of the album art. Please fix this. Also how is the multiple sort criteria thing coming along that we talked about in July or something? (I'll edit in the link to the thread when I find it) Edit: I'm talking about this:
  4. Hey, thanks for the answers. Due to unexpected circumstances, I won't be able to afford a phone like this in quite some time. I had to get a very cheap, very bad phone that nobody could ever want, just to have a phone and I guess I'll just have to live with that one for a (long) while. I'm glad it runs PA at all.
  6. Hi. I broke my phone, like an idiot. Now I need a new one so I examined my phone usage and I really mostly use Poweramp only, so naturally for my new phone, besides price, compatibility with Poweramp, a decent internal DAC, a massive storage for all my .FLAC files, and sadly this has to be said, a headphone jack, are the top priorities for me. Well and it has to have an unlockable bootloader and an open sourced kernel, cuz we all know how android oems tend to not update their phones for more than idk, feels like 2 weeks or something. Price shouldn't be too far over 350€ (that's 386
  7. I'm not sure I understand, but possibly, yes. Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I'll try to elaborate more on my request to further eliminate any possible misunderstandings, I wouldn't want u to waste ur time. I want that in the "albums" list/category, albums by Eminem are located at "E" so after deadmau5's and before Green Day's albums. And Eminem's albums should then be sorted by year so that the Slim Shady LP (1999) shows up before the Marshall Mathers LP (2000), even tho the "M" from "Marshall" alphabetically comes before the "S" from "Slim".
  8. What r u trying to tell me with that? That I should've looked for others requesting the same before posting my own thread? If so I'd like to point out that andrewilley posted that in April, this thread is from February.
  9. Exactly, that's it. I have the list "all albums" sorted by "album artist" and I want to keep that and I mostly try to solve the problem, that sometimes an album is titled "xyz" and the next album from that artist is "xyz 2" and then Poweramp lists "xyz 2" before "xyz". Especially (but not exclusively) for audio books, that sucks. (Of course, I could tag "xyz" as "xyz 1", but that's just wrong, it is not the real title of the album and it bugs me. This + the addition of this multiple sorting being a useful addition from other perspectives as well, made me request it.) Sorry if my previous
  10. About the album art: in the list view it just loads thumbnails, right? So album art of a lower resolution wouldn't really improve loading/caching significantly, would it? Edit: Wait.. Did u do anything to it? It seems to be better, but that could be placebo
  11. Sox, cutoff frequency ratio is 99%, Dither is set to shibata. It seems to happen on flac too. High Res output is still not working on my phone so just standard opensl es output. 48kHz, since all opus tracks are 48kHz, any other frequency wouldn't make sense.
  12. Here u can see, that it claims it can't play the song, after that message it skipped, I swiped back and as u can see the second screenshot shows, it is playing, it's 12 seconds in. But also notice how while in the notification it's accurate on the player it's still.stuck at 0. This is happening a lot less on 835, as on 834 it was happening on every 3rd track, now it's just once in a while.
  13. I am impressed that u know I'm using a bacon, it does however run Pie.
  14. Maybe the issue isn't fixed after all. I just had that thing happen again.
  15. That would be a reasonable explanation, if other apps didn't load them faster/ cached the longer
  16. Thanks for figuring my problem. out so quickly. I hope this is the right place to ask for this: Can the loading and caching of album art be improved somehow? I've got 311 albums on my phone currently and it's loading them very slow, and they don't stay for long. If I scroll down to see the last few album arts loading, and then go up again, the album arts at the top have already been replaced by Poweramp's placeholder again. I guess what I'm asking here would kinda break changed album arts appearing immediately tho... Maybe a toggle, for old devices like mine?
  17. It's not track related and no track fails every time, it's just like every 4th track I wanna play randomly don't work and it skips to the next, if I swipe back, the track most likely starts playing with (next to) no issues. It's just annoying when u'r listening to music while u do something that requires both hands so u can't adjust the track and Poweramp decides to just skip track 2 - 6 from ur selected album.
  18. What kinda song would u prefer lol Edit: can't do anything wrong with Jimi Hendrix, amirite? Edit2: I just noticed it happens with flac titles too. I thought all my music was converted to opus but apparently I forgot some and it had the same issues. So maybe it's format unrelated? Idk I only use these two formats.
  19. I have a 32 bit device. I have my whole library in .opus and recently I've noticed Poweramp randomly skips tracks or displays a toast that the file is unplayable, yet still plays it (also the play time counter seems to be stuck at 0:00 when that happens and sometimes the wave seekbar stays flat). Force closing Poweramp fixes it momentarily.
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