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  1. I guess u ain't gonna bother with custom ROMs for the OnePlus One, amirite? Because official ROM is stuck on marshmallow 6.0 while the majority of bacon users are probably using anything from nougat 7.1 to pie 9.0. And on all of those, hi res output doesn't really work. Except for opensl hi res via Bluetooth, alltough also very limited. That's sad because the hardware potential is there. Maybe it's a ROM issue, in that case, would u mind taking a look at the source of posp (it's the first pie ROM that got released and others are more or less based on @agent_fabulous' pie port, aka. posp). https://github.com/PotatoDevices It'd be brilliant if u could help us bacon users, knowing the potential is there but being unable to use it, sucks.
  2. What I think is weird, is that even if u switch from one track to another which have the same album cover, the colour scheme in the notification is different sometimes. I know such stuff doesn't have high priority and it shouldn't, but maybe if u have some time left after fixing the important stuff (like opensl hires output via headphone jack on my OnePlus One running Pie) u could take a look at this..
  3. I'd really love to see or better hear hi res output on my OnePlus One running pie.
  4. Oh please. Icons and logos get updated all the time. And with that huge redesign the identity of Poweramp has changed anyways. From a niche product that people use who just really care about audio quality and can live with outdated UIs to a high quality audio player that's attractive to the masses. I think the icon should reflect that change.
  5. It's there. Just tap on whatever is displayed on that position on ur device instead of next track till it's next track
  6. Hello, with the recent redesign, that we've all been waiting for, @maxmp said goodbye to Holo (may it rest in peace) however, a small piece of it is still left. There doesn't seem to be a new icon. Yes, it's adaptive, but design wise, it's still from good ol' Holo. While that may not be a priority right now (getting it stable is just a tad more important), a new icon is imo something worth thinking about. It's the first thing potential new customers see.
  7. No. That shouldn't be default. Have no issues with the widget. Try not using that cleaner thingy u use according to the third screenshot. Cleaner stuff on Android is just garbage.
  8. U do realize that u can remove that thing entirely, do u? Just set top visualization panel transparency
  9. I posted the following in the wrong thread. (I'm pretty sure this one didn't exist yet): Thx @maxmp. The buttons are back and we have a black theme now, I love it. Have a problem tho. With the new version openSL hi-res won't work with my wired headphones anymore. It did work on the 709 builds. I use a OnePlus One with Oreo. I'd appreciate if u could take a look at that.
  10. Thx @maxmp. The buttons are back and we have a black theme now, I love it. Have a problem tho. With the new version openSL hi-res won't work with my wired headphones anymore. It did work on the 709 builds. I use a OnePlus One with Oreo. I'd appreciate if u could take a look at that.
  11. Haha, there's the update u annoying piece of shit. @Garry_man Can't wait for Andre or Max to ban u, and trust me, sooner or later they will.
  12. Oh, I just "discovered" the pinch to zoom feature in lists. Should've read the changelog. That is awesome. ScreenRecord-2018-07-19-20-09-03~3.mp4
  13. To be sure we're talking about the same thing, I attach some more photos with red circles... It actually doesn't matter to me why Poweramp chooses a different artist than the album artist, it just makes way more sense to use the album artist and I want Max to at least consider changing it to that. However, if someone else with the same problem stumbles across this, a workaround I just found seems to be cutting out a song were the artist is the same as the album artist and then putting it back in the folder.
  14. That I'm aware of, but if u look at the screenshot, it says the whole album is by him. I can't see how this is intended behaviour because it's not the first track, it's not because of alphabetical order, as "d" comes before "g" and it's also not the only track with a different artist. It's just so random. Edit: it's also not because the song starts with "a", I edited the tag by putting a "X" in first place that didn't change a thing. Edit2: okay, for whatever reason, it looks for the 2nd track. Edit3: No, it doesn't. On Dr. Dre's 2001 it uses the artist from the last track.
  15. I guess u misunderstood. The 709 also says this album is by Getter which it is not.
  16. So, if u have an album on ur phone that happens to have a song on it, that's not from the album artist or when the album artist is just "various artists", Poweramp thinks that's a reason to sort the album to the artist, that did one song on the album, instead of the album artist. I'll attach screenshots, to show u what I mean. It's obviously a deadmau5 album, but PA decides it isn't. That may look like a aesthetic issue, but it's pretty annoying when u set PA to go to the next list after finishing the one before and u want to listen to all ur songs sorted by album artist that way.
  17. I really dislike the search on this forum so I didn't use it, so I have no idea if someone wrote about the Bacon already. The OPO should support hires output. And it did at some point. But on Oreo 8.1 (Lineage atm, but really any ROM) it doesn't. audio_policy.conf
  18. It's not about that. Typing 300€ is just faster than writing down its specs and u still can imagine what kind of headphones I'm talking about.
  19. So much salt because u'r design wasn't chosen... Hey Dude, u said it urself, it took u only a week. Since u are so disappointed with the wait, u had around 2 years (this is about 104 weeks btw) to make ur very own player. Eta plox.
  20. True, plus these were builds, that weren't planned but everyone complained they wanted the fixes NOW.
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