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  1. Huh, I think 709 sounds better, although that may be a placebo as well.
  2. So much salt because u'r design wasn't chosen... Hey Dude, u said it urself, it took u only a week. Since u are so disappointed with the wait, u had around 2 years (this is about 104 weeks btw) to make ur very own player. Eta plox.
  3. True, plus these were builds, that weren't planned but everyone complained they wanted the fixes NOW.
  4. When i bought my phone, the manufacturer guaranteed updates for at least two years, so it was part of the deal. People here complain because they want the next beta, the v790 is barely a month old. And on top of that, Max never posted an exact release date.
  5. Damn, people here are stupid. On one side, they annoy everyone with eta requests and when Max finally is annoyed enough that he just says anything to make them stop, they complain that he couldn't keep his "promise", that they pressured him to make. On xda u can get banned for eta requests and I have no idea, why it isn't done here. U'r so toxic, calling him a untrustworthy person etc. F*** off, try to develop anything and u'll realize, it's not just pushing a button, it's work. Work he doesn't get paid for. Work he does in his free time, next to his regular job (I suppose). U paid for Poweramp v2. U paid for the current state. Everything u get now, is a f***ing bonus. A bonus, which toxic a*** like u do not deserve. For the sake of all the others, I hope Max doesn't agree with me and continues developing anyways. He wouldn't be the first to stop developing because of a toxic community. Unlike other projects, Poweramp is unique, have fun trying to find a replacement if he stops.
  6. That's why one doesn't use oem roms. My phone shipped with 4.4, runs 8.1 now and P is on the way.
  7. Maybe purchase it for a family member or make urself a second account.
  8. Doesn't change, that Max doesn't have one. Also, those are for the stable version. We're talking about preview, alpha and beta versions. So show me chrome canary's release schedule. There ain't one. Yesterday there was a canary update, that caused it to crash instantly, imagine them waiting for the next release date to fix that.
  9. @andrewilley I completely agree, the single tap action must be changed. Especially because it's redundant, swipe down does the exact same thing and isn't that easy to accidentally trigger.
  10. Thank u @maxmp! The pro skin is great. I was afraid I won't get the next list/previous list buttons back, so glad I was wrong.
  11. LPW00

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Oh... I kinda wish u'd mentioned that this is without the new UI.
  12. LPW00

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    I can't update from the preview. It fails to install. Does the backup and restore function work properly? I don't want to loose my eq settings. Edit: actually, nevermind, I've Titanium Backup.
  13. Because he doesn't need a telegram group, he has his own freakin' forum. Other apps are represented on telegram or g+, but Max has his own forum, that is much more advanced.
  14. Can't confirm. I just installed it on top of the alpha, no issues.
  15. Agreed. Next and previous list buttons were so awesome and unique, they need to come back. Apart from that I love the new update.
  16. Thing is, u didn't, did ya? Max has built a music player already, how close are u to the moon?
  17. I know, that's pretty OT, but @andrewilley, u may want to take a look at AOSP extended also known as AEX. I remember u complaining about the new Android lockscreen Google introduced after Kitkat.
  18. Where on the forum will the beta be posted? Here in this thread?
  19. Hey @maxmp, if u need someone with Android 8.1 and a 32 Bit SOC for the closed beta, I'd be glad to help.
  20. Nothing. So why not shut up until there is something to discuss about Poweramp?
  21. U seem to make a lot of good points. Max should've talked with u about the design tbh. Why does the country matter on the internet? Couldn't he send the apk per email, telegram, whatsapp or pm?