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  1. Hi, I use Poweramp v3 704 on my device (oneplus3 with oxygen os), it can enable hires on both internal DAC (192kHz/24bit) or external USB DAC (fiio e18, 96kHz/24bit). But this setting can only manual set to a fix value. If i set it to 96kHz, even if i am play a music file which is 44.1kHz fommat, it begin to make a resample from 44.1kHz ---> 96kHz. This resample may make output quality a bit low then which output whithout resample. So can it add a option like "Auto set by file" and when a music file begin to play, Poweramp v3 read the file info and set the output freq to match the file and then begin to play? Thank you!
  2. My device works with 192k/24bit, but when i play a 44.1k/16bit file, it always upresample to 192k/24bit, is it a problem need to fix? I think it's better to set the output freq to match the music file.
  3. Oneplus3 ( ONEPLUS A3000 ) with OxygenOS 3.2.2 works, can output 24bit/192Khz in Wired Headset/AUX mode.
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