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  1. Hi, I use Poweramp v3 704 on my device (oneplus3 with oxygen os), it can enable hires on both internal DAC (192kHz/24bit) or external USB DAC (fiio e18, 96kHz/24bit). But this setting can only manual set to a fix value. If i set it to 96kHz, even if i am play a music file which is 44.1kHz fommat, it begin to make a resample from 44.1kHz ---> 96kHz. This resample may make output quality a bit low then which output whithout resample. So can it add a option like "Auto set by file" and when a music file begin to play, Poweramp v3 read the file info and set the output freq to m
  2. My device works with 192k/24bit, but when i play a 44.1k/16bit file, it always upresample to 192k/24bit, is it a problem need to fix? I think it's better to set the output freq to match the music file.
  3. Oneplus3 ( ONEPLUS A3000 ) with OxygenOS 3.2.2 works, can output 24bit/192Khz in Wired Headset/AUX mode.
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