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  1. Just transferred music files to a new SD card...but now have duplicate/triplicate play lists that are incomplete...how do I fix this???
  2. Hello...this is choppy...I'm having a similar problem I posted yesterday...my recently added file/playlist in Poweramp is now located in a music download app...and the recently added file/playlist in Poweramp is composed of totally randon songs...so, I just delete one and import the other???
  3. Good evening all...I'm a newbie to all this but I'm impressed by the info I received on my first inquiry...ti solved my issue...now, if anyone can tell me how to remove/delete the recently added files I've downloaded....I would certainly appreciate it....thanks....choppy....
  4. Good evening...have a droid bionic with 4000 music files. Yet after downloading the app, only about 1100 have been found. All 50 of my playlists say "not loaded". I've been using the generic music player that comes with the phone and after downloading this app, cannot believe how restrictive it is. I'm not a whiz or techie at this and do not know how to figure out how to find my files and playlists to load. Can anyone advise me please????
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