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  1. They will not say anything on the release date because they just don't know. Even the dev doesn't know exactly. Bugs and issues arise often and the date of release changes is his mind. So he can't say because he simply doesn't know. However I hope they will release a new build soon. And by soon I mean this month or at least the next. It's been quite long since we had an update. I want to start using the app as my main app again. I can't find a better app than Poweramp.
  2. Is there a noticeable difference in sound quality using the Hi Res internal DAC on the phones which have this? If so what kind of headphones do you need to hear any difference. I bet with very cheap ones you can't?
  3. Considering it's been quite long since we heard from the Dev and it's been quite long since the last Alpha release can we ask for a little update on the current state of the app? Development didn't stop right?
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