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  1. I have found something, that might be very important, regarding the issues with the HTC 10. http://m.androidcentral.com/htc-10-audio-testing-boomsound-evolved Scroll down to Headphone audio. It doesn't use the Snapdragon's DAC, like all the other devices. HTC build one on their own.
  2. I'm pretty sure, he is aware of it. But your screenshot says, Cutoff is still at 97%. Maybe it didnt apply?
  3. I might have stumbled upon a possible fix to this extreme latency, some of us are experiencing, when using Hi-Res Audio output. Maybe it's only present on the HTC 10, I can't remember. But, when I set Resampler Cutoff Frequency Ratio to 95%, instead of the default 97% the delay after pressing Play/Pause, or changing Volume is significantly lower than before. Nevertheless, I don't know exactly, how this option is working. I know. it has something to do with "upsampling" lower frequencies to what the Hardware DAC is capabel of (192KHz in this case), what makes even mp3-files sound bett
  4. Agreed! I already applied to betas that weren't as reliable as this alpha. Only thing that bothers me, are all the issues with Hi-Res Audio, probably exclusive, to the HTC 10. But the amazing sound makes me stay with Hi-Res enabled. As long as I'm just listening to the music, it works.
  5. Build 704 is for testing on Android N Preview specifically. Try build 703 from the Play Store on your Moto X. That should do it.
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