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  1. Ah, the clearly marked option to deal with exactly the scenario that I was facing that I didn't take the time to find???!!! 🤔 Yip, that worked! 🙄 Thanks for the quick reply... I can go load another couple of hundred GB in confidence! 👍
  2. Strange one ... Build 860 I had a 256 GB SD card in my Samsung A70 loaded with lossless m4a music all playing fine with Poweramp (and GoneMad to compare) ... its was running out of space so I swapped the SD card with a 512 GB card I had in my Samsung tablet with hardly anything on it (it was a freebie promo from Samsung with the tablet). I copied all the music from the 256 to the 512 using Android File Transfer on my iMac and loaded the 512 into my phone. I changed the library path in Poweramp and recanned ... all albums detected, album art downloaded, perfect! But, no
  3. I just noticed that scrobbling via Simple Last.fm Scrobbler wasn't working consistently with 703 ... I'm sure it worked fine when I first installed on my Pioneer XDP-100R a few months ago. Now it allows the now scrobbling' information but doesn't register the 'play'. Not a player or scrobbling app issue as alternative players work fine ... and for that reason I am back to GoneMad for now. Fix this and the high res output for the player (yeah I know GoneMad doesn't have it either) and I'll be back!
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