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  1. Sorry, I didn't think it was that relevant since they showed up there on install I figured it was compatible. I don't put too much stock in the description because lots of developers add formats and list it in the changelog as they go, but but don't update the initial description as often.
  2. Also restarting the phone didn't work either, but in Black Player the playlist shows up fine right away.
  3. The software that I am using is putting the list on there as a PLA file. Which shows up and works fine on a new install of PA. It's not a device or Android issue because other players see the playlists fine. I understand the modify problem. If I change a playlist it's usually easier to just delete it off of the device and then put the edited version back on. That's not whats happening here. This is a new playlist that hasn't been on the phone before.
  4. Andre, please read my first post. The scan doesn't work. The only way to get the playlist to show up is to do an import which makes duplicate copies of all of the other playlists or uninstall and reinstall PA.
  5. With all due respect, and BTW this is a great player with really awesome sound. I just can't understand why this is a problem for your player. I have used other players like Black and it has no problem with syncing playlist. I move the playlist onto the phone from my PC and unplug the USB and it is there and ready to play. I shouldn't have to uninstall and reinstall the app just to get it to see a newly added playlist. It's just crazy to me.
  6. I am syncing playlists from my PC using Jriver to an Android phone. When I sync the playlist the music files show up in PA but not the playlists. Yes, I have selected the appropriate folders to scan in PA. If I open the LG music app that came with the phone, the playlist shows up. If I do a rescan or a full rescan in PA the playlist still doesn't show up. If I go into settings in PA and click on import system library playlists, it shows the new playlist, but makes a duplicate copy of all the other playlists. At first I thought this might be a compatibility issue with the type of playlists, maybe it still is. But, if I uninstall PA and then reinstall, all of the playlists show up and the duplicates are gone???? Hate to need to do that every time I add or change a playlist on my phone, but I can't find another workaround.
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