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  1. Developers need to leave well enough alone moving stuff around Just like windows 10 need to learn something over ...going back to version 2..how do i disable auto update.
  2. I noticed Poweramp upgraded itself to version 3. I see no seek bar so i can move the music while it's playing Album art not displaying in background as version 2
  3. These are the instructions i got with my purchase. Detailed instructions: 0. uninstall any other versions of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker if you have them 1. ensure your Internet connection is working on the device and you can open http://powerampapp.com 2. ensure your Google or Email account xxxxxxx@gmail.com is registered under Android settings => Accounts 3. ensure you have Poweramp build-550 or later from Poweramp website (http://powerampapp.com/ download-Poweramp). Play builds don't have non-Play purchase support 4. in Poweramp Settings use Already Purchased? => Website and type in Google/Email account xxxxxxx@gmail.com and Order ID xxxxxxx. So you're saying all i have to do is reinstall the trial version and use number 4 from the instructions ?
  4. Instructions says use version 5.50 or above.how do i download it directly from your site unto the phone? The versions in play store are 4.4 so i had to delete it
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