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  1. Update: I have worked on the Bluetooth connection to my stereo and started playing using Music Player. Immediately felt the loss of my presets. However I then opened Poweramp again and to my surprise all my files had become available. So I went from having 128 files to 1455 and my problem is solved. However I still think the incident should not have happened.
  2. I have used the unlocked Poweramp for several years and have it in a new phone running on Lollipop which I bought this week. My music collection is on the SD. Today I downloaded Marshmallow and then found that all my mp3s were no longer visible in Poweramp. I found the files were visible to the music player that came with the phone, Music Player so I know I don't have to get them out of the computer again, but I'm annoyed that the download has tampered with my setup. I'd appreciate finding out how I can get the files accessible by Powerpoint again.
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