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    Album art swipe sensitivity

    Hi, I think the OP means add velocity/inertia to the swipe, rather than fancying up the visual fx to make a spinny 3D textured cube like in "3" :-) i.e. you give it a good long fast flick and it might quickly fly through 5-8 album covers, rather than 1-swipe-1-cover like it is now. No need to enhance the animation visuals I think they look great now, would just be a bit faster depending on the speed of the flick.
  2. mamoulian

    Switch gestures over album art

    Thanks for the reply! You mean when swiping up/down to change tracks if you've got 'Album Art Animation' set to 'Always'? Personally that wouldn't bother me because I've got it set to 'If album changed'. When you swipe from right-to-left, the 'next' album cover will animate from right-to-left, that seems natural and correct to me, like you're flipping CD covers in a jukebox. Then swiping upwards will give you the next track, just like moving down the CD track listing :-) Thanks!
  3. Please could you add an option under 'gestures over album art' to swap the direction, I'd prefer left/right to change folder and up/down to change track!
  4. Please consider adding a couple of options alongside the 'Resume on Headset Connect' option: [] wake phone (to unlock screen, where widget is) [] unlock phone [] bring the app to the front I think you should be able to individually check all of these on and off regardless of the others, for example if the screen is off I might want the phone to wake so I can see the lockscreen widget but not start playing the song automatically... then if the screen is already on I might want the app to pop to the front. Someone else might want the phone to wake, unlock and bring the app to the front. Having said that I think unlock implies wake :-)