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  1. Count me in too for this one Xiaomi Mi5, Android 6.0 MRA58K + MIUI Global 7.5 ( MAAMIDE) Real - 192, Active 24-192. Thanks for a great player! I did a test for myself with active-inactive hi-res output and definitely heard the difference. The volume dropped (when inactive) by 1 degree I guess, but even if normalized inactive mode provided less headroom between instruments, less soundstage and removed the sparkliness in vocals and details in percussion (I was using Megadeth - Th1rt3en 24-96 and Takstar pro80). The only bug I encountered is that there was no sound when I touched the track time bar backwards while the track was playing. After couple of retries and moving the slider forward the sound came back. P.S. could someone tell me what the settings are for the best hi-res playback? I switched off any EQing, don't know how to deal with dithering (playing 24-44, 24-48, 24-96 and 24-192 audio).
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