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  1. Maybe it doesn't work because you're on Lineage ROM. Hi-Res output works fine for me on latest Oreo ROM (LeeDroid). Only one problem though (not sure if it's my settings). When some notification appears along with its default sound, music stops playing on my earphones and starts playing through the speaker for 2 seconds, and then reverts back to earphones.
  2. 1. HTC 10 2. Android 7.0 Nougat 3. Before the Nougat update, Hi-Res output somewhat worked, after updating it disappeared.
  3. HTC 10 everything stock http://imgur.com/a/3HrAz Hi-Res output somewhat works, but occasionally crashes when changing songs or when I pause the song and play it back immediately. Also there is big output latency (1687ms) when using wired headphones! The seconds in the "now playing" bar are unsynchronized and they skip. Sometimes when I start a song, it doesn't start from the beginning (0:00), it starts from 0:03 or similar. There's a bug in audio management: for Android, audio is recognised as casted from an external device, and not directly from smartphone. I hope the next Poweramp build will fully support Hi-Res output on HTC 10, currently one of the best phones when it comes to audio.
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