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  1. I use my phone in Landscape quite a bit. The new UI has further decreased the amount of scrollable space when in landscape mode: It would be nice to have an option to make the header smaller in landscape or even turn it off. It would also be nice to have an option to enable/disable the information shown for each file/folder (Title, Artist, Progress Bar, # of Songs, Directory). Being able to disable some of these items would make each file/folder take up less space. I would especially like to have the option to disable the current track's progress bar while browsing.
  2. I'm running CyanogenMod 7 on my Samsung Vibrant. I get the orange overscroll glow with any/all skins (Default, Aluminum, Black Neon).
  3. I tired decompiling Poweramp to try and track down the reference, but it will not decompile with apktool.
  4. Where is Poweramp pulling the overscroll glow image from? There is no orange overscoll glow image in my framework or systemui apks.
  5. I'm using CM7.2. All other apps and settings menus have the blue glow.
  6. I agree, the horizontal (landscape) layout is a bit wasteful. Maybe move the controls to one side (left or right) and have the album art on the other side (see PlayerPro).
  7. Cyanogenmod ROMs have a setting to make compatible apps lower their volume when a notification is played. It would be great if Poweramp respected this setting and lowered the music volume while notifications played. Also, there is an option in Poweramp to pause playback when notifications are received, but then the notification is played at a lower volume than the music which makes it difficult to hear. An option to play notifications with the music volume would also be appreciated.
  8. What's up with the orange overscroll glow in 2.0.6 ? Can you please add support for the player to use the default color of the ROM (or the ability to change via skins/themes)? ICS uses a blue overscroll glow, orange looks pretty out of place.
  9. Exactly, so how do we start utilizing it? Do you have any documentation?
  10. How do we make use of this added ability? I have been eagerly awaiting this.
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