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  1. Ok, here is the ultimate workaround.



    I will try tomorrow. Thank you for that. I had it always enabled. Now i took a look in the settings and it was disabled. I think it will work when i try it. :)


    Oddly enough, the track length didn't.


    I can't remember that this had ever worked. :(

  2. Last time I checked (about a week ago) it worked just fine on CM9. Where it indeed does not work is CM10, but Player Pro doesn't work either so it's probably a ROM bug.

    (SGS I9000)

    EDIT: It works now on the August 18th nightly build of CM10 for SGS I9000).

    Thank you for your test. I've tested various builds, in none of them it worked, don't know why. I've just tested the build from august 19. and it just shows "STOP" on my car audio, but no title information. :(

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