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  1. I will try tomorrow. Thank you for that. I had it always enabled. Now i took a look in the settings and it was disabled. I think it will work when i try it. I can't remember that this had ever worked.
  2. Thank you for your test. I've tested various builds, in none of them it worked, don't know why. I've just tested the build from august 19. and it just shows "STOP" on my car audio, but no title information.
  3. Unfortunality, in CM9 it doesn't work anymore. Can anybody confirm that issue or give a solution for that? On Stock Rom it works perfectly.
  4. Now on ICS 4.0.3 the Feature is still not supported. So i don't think there is a problem with AVRCP...
  5. I have the same issue on SGS2 Android XWLA4 (2.3.6) The stock player displays the track information on the display but power amp doesn't. So i don't think that it's a problem of the bluetooth stack.
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