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  1. I used 'AudioTagger - Tag Music' app on my Andriod to solve this problem. The problem was located in the EXTRA options when tagging a song. The songs that had track numbers like '4/2' had a set 'Disc No.' value in 'EXTRA' options for the song. The rest of my songs with normal track numbers did not have a set 'Disc No.'. Once I removed the 'Disc NO.', the problem was fixed. Now my songs have whole number track numbers. Thank you!
  2. And how would I do that? Like a step-by-step process, if possible, thanks!
  3. I have a playlist of 39 songs. I gave them track numbers on my computer, then transferred the songs to my phone. They are all in the same directory. But for 2 of the songs, something weird happens with the track order/number. Instead of being a whole number (like 1, 2, 3 or 69), they have track numbers like (0/2, 4/2 and 55/2). But when I attempt to change the track number on the Poweramp app, it only allows me to change it to a whole number. But when I save it, it goes to a fraction instead of a whole number. The rest of the songs in the playlist has a whole number. For example, on one song, when I change the track number value to '0', it changes to '0/2', but when I change it to '4', it changes to '4/2'. At both values, they are at the bottom of the playlist. The songs before the song is valued up to 36. And yes, the track order is ordered by track number. I'm using the paid version of Poweramp on version 2.0.10-build-588-play. How do I solve this problem? Should I try the v3.0 Test Build?
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